Welcome to Morganville, home of the world-wide Morgan membership database, the Morgan Registry! I’m trying to get a list of all Morgan owners and information about their cars. Hopefully this will help someone to find a particular car or fellow Morgan-lover that they may not know about. In addition, feel free to explore the other Morgan car enthusiast information including production numbers, prices, a bibliography, history, music, trivia, and the author’s personal Morgan Saga.

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The Morgan Registry contains the following information about each car: Year, Type, Chassis Number, Color, Owner, Location, and Email.

To search or filter, use the “Data” menu and “Filter views…” at the top or use your browser’s search (ctrl-f on a PC or command-f on a Mac).

We also welcome any additions you may have to the registry! If you wish to be added, please fill out this form. Thanks!